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What is Hair Restoration?

The term "hair restoration" refers to all techniques used to regrow lost hair or replace hair on the scalp or other areas. The most well-known of these procedures is a surgical hair transplant, which takes hair from donor areas and puts it where it is needed. However, non-invasive methods, including platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) treatments and the use of compounded topical medications, make hair restoration possible without surgery. We are proud to offer innovative PRF and compounded topical medications to help you regrow your hair more naturally and beautifully.

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After 4th treatment

Effective hair loss treatment using your body’s own healing processes

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) injections are one of the most effective treatment for hair loss restoration because it uses your body’s own growth and healing signals to repair the damage that results in hair loss. PRP is full of growth factors and healing proteins that have anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. These growth factors and proteins work to clean out non-functioning cells and stimulate inactive hair follicles into an active growth phase.

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